Wednesday, 30 July 2014

31/07/14 - In the production office

Just having a quiet day in the production office today. My friend Lacey wanted to head to Plant Barn to add to her cactus collection so I took this opportunity to get some photos there! 
Today I'm wearing a loose fit Cashmere blend jumper from Decjuba, I swear this jumper is my new obsession! It's warm and soft and I love the way it falls! :D As for the rest of my outfit I've got a sheer black blouse on, my steel bengaline pants on from Decjuba and a nice pair of Jeffrey Campbell ankle boots that I bought off  
My flower crown that I have on today is currently my favourite accessory!! I made it a few weeks ago because all the other ones I had were just a little too bright and not quite winter colours. You're probably gonna notice this a lot as I tend to wear this quite often, it just add a little something something to the outfit :)

Jumper - $40 Decjuba
Pants - $80 Decjuba 
(I used my allowance though so I didn't spend any money on these pants)
Black ankle boots - $75 Jeffrey Campbell bought off
Flower Crown - home made

Hm.. that's me for today 

Ps. I swear Decjuba is not paying me to promote their clothes, I just own a LOT of Decjuba clothing because I worked there full time last year and is still a part timer there hahahah!

30/07/14 - On location :)

We are out on a full day and night shoot today for my course so I wanted something slouchy and comfortable while still staying chic. As well as that, because it's currently winter and a little chilly I wanted something that would keep me warm. I decided to go with a grey singlet, mustard lambswool jumper, bold patterned pants and brown ankle boots. 

Grey Singlet - $20 Decjuba
Wool Jumper - $5 from an opshop 
Patterned Pants - $15 Glassons 
Brown Ankle Boots - $20 Shoe shop in Hong Kong 

Ps. I absolute ADORE this location! This is shot in the garage of the house we are shooting in today! LOVE!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Intro to me :)

Hey guys!

So a little bit about me, I'm Florence, I'm 21 and a production management student at South Seas Film and Television School in Auckland, New Zealand. I am studying full time, and working at Decjuba, a clothing store in the weekends. This is attempt number 2 at blogging, the first one didn't go so well, it quite possibly is to do with the fact that I completely forgot all about it, midway through my travels D: This blog will be my attempt to blog my style and day to day outfits while living on a student budget, as well as any fashion inspiration. I will *fingers crossed* be posting my outfit today later on tonight!

Hopefully I follow through with this! 
Flo x