Monday, 4 August 2014

04/08/14 - Saturday work outfit

So as I have previously mentioned, I work at Decjuba during the weekends, I'm decked out head to toe in Decjuba today. 

Today I'm wearing a plain black top, a nice patterned cardi that I bought the other weekend as well as my faux leather and ponti pants. I swear these pants are the love of my life!! I bought them a few weeks ago and can't stop wearing them! 

Cardi - $54 Decjuba, I had $50 allowance so I only had to pay $4 
Top - $20
Pants - $75 - Work allowance so I didn't have to pay for them
(One of the perks of working in retail! :D so many temptations when my allowance runs out though!)  

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